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Why Does Being a Christian Pediatrician Matter?

Last summer I was at a conference with our global church body when I got an image in my head of being the kind of pediatrician who publicly prays for my patients and helps heal them from the inside out.  Of course legally I can't force my faith on my patients so it has taken awhile to figure out what this could look like.

Being a Christian pediatrician does not impact my fund of knowledge. I don't hear God whisper what tests I should order or what the magic words are that will suddenly make somebody feel happy again (I wish!). I don't think, for medical decision making, that Christians should choose other Christians to be their physicians.

When my kids are hurting, we talk about prayer and we look to Jesus. When they feel like hurting others, we talk about what Jesus teaches. When the world is falling down everywhere around us, we remember God is bigger than Covid-19, social injustice, or financial problems.  This helps ground us as a family, keeps us focused on something bigger than ourselves.  When my children test my patience, I remember how much I must try God's patience as well and try to offer them grace. When I love my children so much I can hardly breathe or am tremendously proud of them for something, I remember that God loves me more than that and must, sometimes, be also proud of me.

When we have worries about our children, one place people turn is their pediatrician. How incredible would it be if we shared the perspective that God created my kids and loves them more than I do. If I don't want them to fail, even more so Him, their inventor, the One who weaved them together in my womb. Great reassurance could come from a pediatrician reminding us, in our vulnerable parenting moments, that with God, our parenting is enough.  Our kids will be ok. We will be ok.

I am not sure this is what any of my patients want.  I am certain it is the opposite for some of them.  But if my approach can be a blessing, as it feels like God is telling me, then I have to try.  Hence this blog. I am not sure what God will turn this into, if anything.  My goal is only to serve Him well.  To love His people, specifically the mamas who love their children fiercely.

I can't give specific medical advice on this website.  You should talk to your own doctor about that.  My goal is to share the things I tell parents over and over again.  Only here, rather than in the office, I can talk about the faith behind my answers.