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My name is Christy Rivers. I am a wife and a mother of two.  I work as a pediatrician at The Corvallis Clinic, in Oregon.  My house of worship is Grace City Church, though obviously God travels with me wherever I go.


What Kids Need: To Try

It is important that we teach our kids to try. Having goals is important, but learning how to start things when they don't know the outcome

Love is Enough

Our kids need love. They need to know that whatever they throw at you, and sometimes it is a lot, you love them.

Children Can Wear Masks

Think of all the crazy things you have seen children comfortably wear and do.

Finding Gratitude

There are many things to be anxious about right now... Starting with washing my hands, I am going to be thankful.


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I would love to use this blog to answer general parenting questions from the perspective of a Christian pediatrician.  This is not a substitute for talking to your own doctor about specific questions in regards to your child's health.

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