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My name is Christy Rivers. I am a wife and a mother of two.  I work as a pediatrician at The Corvallis Clinic, in Oregon.  My house of worship is Grace City Church, though obviously God travels with me wherever I go.



Using positive rather than negative instructions and moving from extrinsic to intrinsic rewards will help our kids in the long run.


I wrote this blog on vacation, sitting in a hammock by the sea. On the trip, I explored the underwater world and also the jungle. Every...

Starting Again

The pandemic has been draining. Parenting is draining. It is never too late to dive in and do better, to go for a restart.

What is Strength?

What we need to be telling children from a very young age is that we were created for community. Friends, not strength, are our superpower.

What Kids Need: To Play

Kids need to laugh, they need to exercise, they need socialization, they need to wiggle, they need to create.

What Kids Need: The Truth

How do we make decisions and how do we live a life when we argue about everything, opinions as well as facts?

What Kids Need: To Try

It is important that we teach our kids to try. Having goals is important, but learning how to start things when they don't know the outcome

Love is Enough

Our kids need love. They need to know that whatever they throw at you, and sometimes it is a lot, you love them.

Our Best Selves

We all get 24 hours a day. We need to learn to invest these hours to be our best selves, understanding we can't be the best at everything.

Conflicting Truths

Internet teaching is impersonal teaching and will challenge our educators to find new ways to do so many things they do best.

Finding Common Ground

if we look for similarities with people we disagree with, then it gives us a foundation for conversation.

Our Kids Will Be OK

There is nothing nuanced about Covid. It has steamrolled over my decision-making ability as a parent.

Children Can Wear Masks

Think of all the crazy things you have seen children comfortably wear and do.

The Power of Not Yet

It is our job to help set reasonable goals by adding the word "yet" to any possible thing a child can't do.

You are Probably Not Messing Up

One of the best parts of my job is to offer encouragement to mothers who feel like they are not enough.

Why Discipline is Important

I frequently have parents in my office who are afraid to discipline their children. They know there is a problem but they feel helpless


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I would love to use this blog to answer general parenting questions from the perspective of a Christian pediatrician.  This is not a substitute for talking to your own doctor about specific questions in regards to your child's health.

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